Another Great Tobacco Card Collection

August is usually a quiet month at American Legends, but we just acquired another sensational Tobacco Card Collection .

In the possession of the same family for over a hundred years, this collection contained some amazing material:

Eight T205 Drum backs including Hal Chase. The Drum backs are the rarest back variation in the T205 set. Finding one is next to impossible. Finding eight is simply unheard of.

Sixty T201 Mecca Double Folders including Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson.

A dozen T202 Hassan Triple Folders including four Tris Speaker cards.

Over 100 mid to higrade boxing cards from the T218 and T220 sets of 1910 including Jack Johnson and John L. Sullivan.

Plus over 100 non-sports cards from the very early 1900s.

T218 Champions Boxing

T218 Boxing

Mecca Double Folders

Mecca Double Folders

Triple Folders Galore

Triple Folders Galore

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