Appraising Football Cards

football-collageIf you have spent significant time accumulating a football card & memorabilia collection, it may be time to have it appraised for insurance purposes. After a thorough examination of your items, American Legends will provide a comprehensive written appraisal of your collection on company letterhead.

Since many insurers require an updated appraisal every few years, it is an excellent idea to address an appraisal before you suffer a loss from theft, fire, smoke or water damage.

Along with appraising collections for individuals, American Legends has provided appraisals and expert advice for insurance adjusters and attorneys for divorce settlements, bankruptcy, estate planning, probate and liquidation. Mark Rubin of American Legends has been actively involved in sports cards and memorabilia since 1978 and is an expert in this field.

Our appraisals cover all areas of sports cards and memorabilia including but not limited to; trading cards, publications, autographed items, game-used equipment and tickets. The appraisals are a fair and accurate representation of the value of the items.

All appraisals are conducted by Mark Rubin of American Legends. Rubin has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Card Trade Magazine, Sports Collecting Radio and WCBS Radio.

Appraisal Rate is $100 per hour plus travel time.

To inquire about an appraisal please contact Mark Rubin at 914-725-2225 or by email at