Cap Anson Baseball Cards

N28-ANSON-Almost 100 years after his death, Adrian Cap Anson is still considered one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. Anson was the first player to amass 3,000 hits and is the most collectible player appearing on pre-1900 baseball cards.

Part of the strong desire for Anson’s cards’  stems from the small variety produced for him during his playing career. In 1887, Anson appears in the 1887 N284 Buchner Gold Coin series,  N172 Old Judge series and Tobin Lithographs cards.

In 1888, Anson is featured in the N28 Allen & Ginter, E223 G & B Chewing Gum, N162 Goodwin Champions, N403 Yum Yum Tobacco and on two of the oversized N173 Old Judge Cabinets. After that, he only appears on four other cards; 1889 E.R. Williams Card Game, 1889 A35 Good Round Album, 1895 N300 Mayo’s Cut Plug and 1898 Cameo Pepsin.

Most of these issues are not only obscure but extremely difficult to find in any grade. It’s not uncommon for even poor condition vintage Cap Anson cards to command four figures.

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