T202 Hassan Triple Folders Baseball Cards

T202-Cobb-JenningsThe 1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders are one of the most ingenious and attractive baseball card designs of the 20th century. Produced by the American Tobacco Company, a black and white action photograph is sandwiched between color portraits of two different Dead-Ball era baseball players. Two non-perforated folds separate the three images so the cards could be folded over and tucked into packs of Hassan cork tip cigarettes.

In all, there are 132 different T202 cards and the player content is sensational. Fifty six cards portray Hall of Famers. Ty Cobb is represented on six cards, Frank Chance on seven, Tris Speaker and Johnny Evers on five, Christy Mathewson and Eddie Collins on four, Walter Johnson on two and Hal Chase appears on an astonishing 13 cards.

The combinations of trios that appear on specific cards make for some sensational collectibles.  A few gems in particular include the Ty Cobb Steals Third flanked by a portrait of Cobb and Hugh Jennings, the Speaker Rounding Third surrounded by Speaker and Smokey Joe Wood and Evers Makes A Safe Slide sandwiched between his Hall of Fame infield mates Frank Chance and Joe Tinker.

While not as valuable as their T206 counterparts, the T202 enjoy a special place in the hearts of baseball card buyers.

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